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Sugar is a branding concept project for a high end artisan bakery. I wanted the aesthetic to be very clean and elegant, with a contemporary playfulness.


I began with deciding the logo design and landed on the concept of a simplified sugar cube. The spirit of the brand and business needed to be very clear and edited. I started with the sugar cube as my inspiration.



Logo and Branding

contemporary. inviting. streamlined.

I came up with three words that embodied the aesthetic - giving me a challenge, but also some clarity of direction:


I wanted the branding to be simple and iconic, and also, have the option to use a pictographic or verbiage logo. I decided on the below after a number of iterative options.



Design Inspiration


The next focus was to work on the environment and scope of the spaces. I knew I wanted to explore the corporate space, and think outside the cube on how I would see a culinary environment that also felt very high style. I drew from existing buildings to explore their exteriors, and settled on spaces that were visually compelling.

Fantasy Option 1: Dogan Media Centre - Tabanlioglu Architects

Fantasy Option 2: Office and Restaurant in China - SAKO Architects


I had the best of both worlds in doing this, because I could really envision a simulated space without the normal restrictions of real world company properties - and imagine the perfect balance between positive and negative space, and the juxtaposition between urban context and open floor plans. I think when doing spec work, you have to remove some limitations to explore the possibilities, and then reel it in towards a more viable reality. This keeps my creativity up.


I settled on the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

It’s a beautifully simple structure and is reminiscent of casually placed sugar cubes.



Design Iterations

Corporate Mocks

Mock of the corporate building exterior, artisan bakery lobby, and bakery product design and collateral.



I have more work too.