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Sugar is a branding concept project for a high end artisan bakery. I wanted the aesthetic to be very clean and elegant, with a contemporary playfulness.

I began with deciding the logo design and landed on the concept of a simplified sugar cube. The spirit of the brand and business needed to be very clear and edited. I started with the sugar cube as my inspiration.



Logo and Branding

I came up with three words that embodied the aesthetic - giving me a challenge, but also some clarity of direction:

contemporary. inviting. streamlined.


I wanted the branding to be simple and iconic, and also, have the option to use a pictographic or verbiage logo. I decided on the below after a number of iterative options:



Design Inspiration


The next focus was to work on the environment and scope of the spaces. I knew I wanted to explore the corporate space, and think outside the cube on how I would see a culinary environment that also felt very high style. I drew from existing buildings to explore their exteriors, and settled on spaces that were visually compelling.


Fantasy Option 1: Dogan Media Centre - Tabanlioglu Architects

Fantasy Option 2: Office and Restaurant in China - SAKO Architects


I had the best of both worlds in doing this, because I could really envision a simulated space without the normal restrictions of real world company properties - and imagine the perfect balance between positive and negative space, and the juxtaposition between urban context and open floor plans. I think when doing spec work, you have to remove some limitations to explore the possibilities, and then reel it in towards a more viable reality. This keeps my creativity up.


I settled on the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

It’s a beautifully simple structure and is reminiscent of casually placed sugar cubes.



Design Iterations

Corporate Building Specs


Mock of the corporate building with artisan bakery on the ground floor.


Corporate Lobby Specs


Mock of the corporate lobby within the main building.



sugar-full spread_edit.jpg

In order to better visualize the overall brand’s look and feel, I created collateral that tied in all elements and attributes of my vision. I wanted to experiment with material and texture, transparency and density.



I have more work too.