Marissa Luca

My Little Pony

My Little Pony / Wonderbolts


Role: Senior Graphic Designer Company: Evy of California

Hasbro came out with a new, super fun guide called Wonderbolts, based on content that they wanted to promote. We had the opportunity to create some new development and I really enjoyed the process. The vibe of the guide had a retro, 1940's style, that we juxtaposed with crisp, icy blues and pinks to give it a contemporary flare.


Evy of California Homepage / MLP Showcase

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Art Exploration / Inspiration Graphics


Graphic Direction

Color Story


Graphics / Art in Boxes

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Final Linesheet

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Production Samples

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07 IMG_1236.JPG
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11 IMG_1240.JPG
09 IMG_1238.JPG
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I have more work too.