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Role: Graphic Designer, Brand Designer, Art Director Company: Datacamo

Datacamo is a tech security company, set on the notion that your information and online activities should always remain private. I came into this project, when it had already started. There was a logo and a website, but that was mostly it. I was asked to create the packaging design, insert booklet, and infographic designs, to help solidify and cohere the branding, as a whole. It’s a great concept, and innovative, for the time. I worked with this company over the span of 4 months to complete all assets.




Box for Datacamo_Mock.jpg


Insert Box Design

Privacy should be a choice. Starting now, you can make that choice again.
— Datacamo Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Krieser


Flow Chart Infographic

Flow Chart for Internet Privacy Pros & Cons.


Original Wireframe



Network Path Infographic - 1st Iteration

The ask here was to create an infographic in two parts: one that shows the average person’s home/flow of internet, and one that shows how Datacamo influences or modifies your normal flow, for the better. Below is the first version of the first infographic. This one has proved to be a bit too sweet aesthetically, so a second iteration will come next, which will be closer to the end goal of connecting the visual story of the previous packaging design, and adding a little more edge.


Network Path Infographic - 2nd Iteration


This version focuses more on texture, aging up the target demographic, adding edgier elements, and simplifying the overall look. In addition, the second frame is present; wherein, I show the path that Datacamo takes to safeguard your private network information, while still managing to keep the process itself, streamlined.

Before Datacamo

Before Datacamo

After Datacamo

After Datacamo



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