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Sean John


Role: Senior Graphic Designer Company: Evy of California


Would you like to brand and design graphics for the first ever Sean John Girls Apparel Collection? 100% yes. Our company was chosen to develop P Diddy's first Girl's Apparel line. We had a brilliant designer leading on the fashion end, and I was looped into the early stages of this project's manifestation, as Senior Graphic Artist. The immediate challenge was in creating something impactful from scratch. Sean John had a very well established Men's line and he tasked us in working with his companies' liaisons to create the perfect line for his fashion forward daughters. Branding came first and helped drive some of the content for the garments in seasons to come.



Holiday Collection

This pitch collection was, ultimately, to establish the look and feel of the overall line. It was not as heavily graphic driven, as early development focused on elevated fabrics, luxe, innovative execution, and edgy, but feminine silhouettes. I created the graphics for the below styles. Sean John's daughters played a big role in the line's direction; they were fashion literate, loved dresses, shimmer, high quality, and weren't afraid of a little sass.


Intro to Branding / Hang Tag Design

Branding had not been established at this point, so we were tasked to brainstorm some options. I took the soft corals and silver of the existing color palette and all-over-prints in the collection, and did some basic type options to tie in the aesthetic.



Spring Collection

With the original collection being heavily embraced, we began developing the second collection. This one would be more content driven and would have more overall graphic appeal. As a result of this new challenge, I created trend boards for each category: overarching graphic style/mood, type play/use of number 3 (P Diddy has 3 daughters), and verbiage/content. We really wanted to help the girls establish a singular voice - one that we could use to guide us through later collections, but also, leave room for innovation and avoid any potentially static or finite trends.


 Intro to Content / Linesheets

Spring 2016 would have a decidedly more vibrant and airy feel. Flowers, saturated spring colors, and bold editorial drove the direction and color story of this line. We wanted to project and embrace the idea that being a girl 'in charge' was not too bold or bossy, but just right. Strength, determinism, and positivity are universal aspirations. 


 Logo Design + Hang Tag Design

To establish a new direction for branding, we got more personal. We wanted to incorporate the 3 daughters into the logo itself and, thus, the significance of the number 3 became an integral part of the new logo design AND graphic content going forward. 


Spring Collection - Social Media Presence


Pulse Online Magazine / Collection Debut

The unveiling of the Spring line was showcased on numerous platforms, including Pulse Magazine, a private ad campaign for Sean John Girls featuring Diddy and his daughters, as well as, the Emmy Awarded Loni Love Show.


 Instagram / Loni Love Show


 P. Diddy Ad Campaign / Photo Shoot  >



Fall Collection

Our latest collection which was developed while I was a Senior Graphic Artist, was the most fun to execute because of the painterly approach that we took as an alternative to the urban style of the previous line. This project focused on bold, unbridled and expressive lines, while still maintaining the same voice of the previous groups. You can see that we incorporated the newest iteration of the logo into the graphic content, in addition to, the branding. Below are the graphics I worked on.


Graphic Showcase

Here are a few engineered graphics that acted as cornerstones to the overall look of the line.


 Finished Samples

Bold blue and purple hues, mixed with elevated treatments like foil and reverse sequins gave the line a luxury feel.



I have more work too.