Marissa Luca
Baller & Shotcaller

Afton Street

Afton Street Children’s Apparel


Role: Senior Graphic Designer Company: Evy of California, Hybrid Apparel

Afton Street was pitched to include two seasons; FALL EXPLORER and LITTLE REBELS. Both collections would be gender neutral categories. I was responsible for initial graphic direction, tone, and aesthetic. 100% of graphics below were created by me. I was not responsible for further collections, and some new graphics were added to the final product, but I was able to enjoy the opportunity to help bring the idea to fruition.


Brand Direction and Identity

I was tasked with initial ideation regarding the direction of the graphics and the persona of the target customer.

Initial brainstorm notes.



Collection Themes

Fall Explorer

Themes were designed for the pitch based on season, and I was then asked to develop art based on those themes. First collection, Fall Explorer, was comprised of boy's and girl's graphics; I worked on primarily girls. 


Fall Explorer on Instagram:



Little Rebel

Second collections behind Fall Explorer, comprised of boy's and girl's graphics. I worked on mostly girls, but initial art was gender neutral. See below for final girl's concepts. 


Little Rebel on Instagram:



Gender Neutral

This category was separate initially, but eventually became integrated.

Afton Street Jogger - Target site.

Afton Street Jogger - Target site.



Final Presentation was pitched and the rest is history.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 1.06.24 AM.png


I have more work too.