Marissa Luca
Baller & Shotcaller


A little about me.



What motivates my work is the space between communicating essential information and executing it in a manner that allows the viewer to feel connected to the process, a sense of play, and intelligent design. 

I draw from my background as a designer, illustrator, and visual storyteller to create cohesion in an environment, graphic, or layout presentation. A concise, visual evolution acts as a universal language.


My passion is to facilitate organization, symbiosis, and flow from a steadfast stream of wildly varied needs and customer types. I distill demands and execute design concepts from trend stage through presentation and final product. I'm responsible for the space between concept and tangible goods and my intention is to channel aesthetic, storytelling, and cultural language into every project. My reach goes beyond creating computer graphics or silhouettes for a singular purpose and into the arena of future needs, trend, cultural relevance, and mood.

If there are questions, chances are, I can find an answer.